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Vacations for Your Mental Well-being: Top Destinations to Visit

Traveling has been associated with having fun and partying. Drinking and meeting new people are also part of the bucket list. Some go to remote places for gastric adventures and daredevil stunts. But have you ever felt like taking a trip to feed your soul instead?

Some people travel to get away from the busy cities that they live in. Detoxification from stress is also a contributing factor why travelers go for these kinds of trips. There are many things you can do when you travel. And taking trips to clear your mind, body, and soul could be one of those.

But where are the best destinations to go to for an inner reset? Which places should you explore for a thorough detox? Here are some destinations you may want to add to your travel goals if you’re trying to find inner peace.

Be Spiritual

Spiritual travel can give your mind inner peace. But you can do it literally in a sense by going to places known for their spiritual relevance. If you’re going to search for destinations perfect for this, one place would always come up. Varanasi is a historical city in India where Buddhism is said to originate. Buddhists, along with Hindus, flock to the place for spiritual travel. The Dead Sea is another place to explore. It’s famous for tourists who travel for spiritual purposes. The salt lake is one of those famous spots mentioned in the Bible. If you want to make your spiritual trip jolly, go to Sweden for their Midsummer festivities. Before you back out, a little research will tell you how different these festivities are from the one you saw in Midsommar. However, the film was heavily inspired by these festivities. Take a detour in Cambodia and see the complexities of the Angkor Wat. The Buddhist monk’s meeting place is truly a wonder. The structures’ intricate architecture in the religious complex is one of a kind.

Cleanse Your Body and Soul

Just like dirt in your body, you also want to get rid of some bad habits inside you. Cleanse your soul by traveling to places where you can get rid of these intangible specks of dirt. Healing forests are all over Japan. A walk in the woods can help with detoxifying your soul. You can do it after a warm bath in an onsen. Exfoliate inside and out in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. Enjoy the serene environment while cleansing your body in the water. Some programs can also help you eradicate specific bad habits, like porn addiction rehab programs.

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Find Happiness

People will always seek happiness. Some could even travel distances to find it. If you’re longing to feel happy, get it from taking trips to the happiest countries in the world. You can find these countries ranked in an annual World Happiness Report. Finland, Denmark, and Iceland take the top 3 spots. Or you can go to Bhutan. A small kingdom where Gross National Happiness is measured as an indication of socioeconomic success. Feel the warm hospitality of the Filipinos in the Philippines if you want to feel loved. Find happiness as you explore these locations.

Forget Your Past Love

Want to let go of that past lover but you can’t? There are destinations you may want to go to and start your heart’s healing process.  Go for a hike at Mt. Pulag in Benguet, Philippines. Stories say that once you reached the top of the mountain, you’ll forget your heartache. Some even scream their hearts out to release the anger for their ex-lovers. You can then spend some time in Paris where you can express your love for yourself. Ride the gondola alone in Venice, Italy. Treat yourself with a scrumptious scoop of gelato afterward. You don’t have to be with someone to enjoy your travel. Self-love can accompany you.

Witness the Beautiful Polar Lights

See the magical sky phenomenon that you only witness on TV. Northern lights also known as Aurora Borealis can be seen in countries located in high-latitude regions. Canada would be the closest place where you can witness the Northern Lights. You can also go to Alaska for this. Northern lights are also visible in Norway and Finland. You can also travel to New Zealand and Australia to see the southern lights. The island of Tasmania is also known as a spot where you can see these magnificent southern lights. Feel magical as you watch these polar lights you don’t usually see if you’re not living near high or low-latitude countries.

Final Thoughts

Take your mind and soul with you as you travel the world. Complete the experience by taking a journey your whole being can enjoy inside and out.

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