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Traveling with an Infant during a Pandemic Is Possible

Summer is over, and soon, it’s going to be autumn. In a few weeks, leaves will start to fall. Still, many people want to travel, and that includes you. The only hurdle is, you have a baby. You can’t help but think if it’s okay to bring your baby outdoors.

Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Because of the pandemic, many people have put off their travels. As people stayed home, the drive to go to another place lingered. In fact, according to a report by CNBC, 65% of people in the US plan to travel more this year compared to when they did before the pandemic.

Fall is actually a great time to travel. There are fewer people. The summer vacation crowd has gone. Kids are back in school, online, though. And, there are many breathtaking autumn destinations across the US.

Now go on that quick vacation and away from the monotony of pandemic life. Bring along your spouse and baby. Below are great fall destinations you can go to. Just make sure to follow these expert-recommended guidelines and destinations.

Follow Standard Health Protocols

San Francisco is a beautiful city all year round. During fall, however, the weather becomes perfect. It’s sunny but cool. Your baby would love the weather as much as you do.

To go there and everywhere else while you travel, remember to choose safer travel options. Follow standard health protocols recommended by the CDC. Wash your hands always with soap and water. If you don’t have the means to, use a sanitizer that’s at least 60% alcohol.

If you’re expecting a big crowd at a tourist site, practice social distancing. Keep a 6-feet or 2-meter distance between you and other individuals, especially those who aren’t traveling with you. At most, that is equivalent to 2 arms’ length of a distance.

When in public, wear a mask. Make sure your nose is covered. All public transportation requires travelers to wear a mask. Even if you’re indoors in transportation hubs like bus stations and airports, a mask is mandatory.

traveling with infant

Have Fun, but Keep a Safe Distance from Other Travelers

Your baby might not appreciate it yet, but Orlando has one of the best travel sites during fall: Disney World. Without the humid summer heat, autumn ushers in cooler temperatures. It’s a great opportunity to experience all the fun that Orlando can bring.

For safer travel, CDC  recommends staying only with people who you’re traveling with. This can also
protect your baby from other people and lessen the risk of the virus.

If you’re going there by car, make sure that you’ll have fewer stops along the way. This is to prevent you from being in contact with other people. CDC states that it’s safer to travel by air because air is filtered inside airplanes. Still, sit within the required distance from other travelers.

Don’t forget to bring along a few baby car seat covers with you, too. According to Nemours Children’s Health, you can cover your baby while in an infant carrier to prevent exposure and provide protection against the coronavirus. Make sure that you’re using a cover that doesn’t touch your baby.

Covers are essential tools in protecting your baby. It’s not recommended to let them wear masks yet, so this is their best defense.

Enjoy Events, Accommodations, and Food

Kentucky isn’t just known for its horse racing. It is home to fall events hosted by three popular cities: Paducah, Owensboro, and Bowling Green.

Bowling Green boasts of its festivals that are perfect for every member of the family. Owensboro has its own festival, though it’s mainly focused on food. Paducah, meanwhile, is a UNESCO Creative City where your family can enjoy art and history. Aside from taking in the view of autumn foliage, you can also enjoy visiting pumpkin patches in these cities.

Find safe accommodation by ensuring that the places you’ll stay in have COVID-19 prevention practices in effect. Avoid accommodations with shared facilities. Don’t hang out in common areas.

When dining, avoid eating in poorly ventilated establishments. If you can, opt for al fresco dining. And although festivals can get crowded, they are a great way to enjoy eating outdoors.

Other Important Reminders

Before packing your bags, take time to check CDC’s guidelines for safe travel. Remember that although there are health protocols implemented nationwide, each state still has its own regulations. Check them first before going.

CDC also recently updated its travel guidelines. It requires unvaccinated individuals to get tested before traveling. The new guidelines also demand unvaccinated travelers to a self-quarantine after traveling. You need to consider these as well.



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