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Digital Advocacy: 4 Modern Ways to Start Your Campaign Online

You want your voice to be heard, but the world seems to be moving forward to its digital phase. People nowadays are getting the information they need through their phones and laptops. If you want to promote a cause, you can do it over the internet.

The U.S. has one of the highest numbers of internet users in the world, according to statistics. There is no reason for you to spread your advocacy through the use of the world wide web. Whether for climate change or animal adoption, the internet is the best venue to give them the spotlight.

But how are you going to introduce your stance on social issues using the internet? How can you get enough mileage from going digital? Here are some tips you might want to try to spread social awareness.

Create a website

This might sound archaic, but websites are still helpful. Its customizable interface can give you the freedom to conceptualize your content. This way, you’ll be able to deliver your message efficiently through visuals and text. Websites can also help in building your own identity. If you’re an individual pushing for a cause, having your own website is the way to go. Let your site help introduce you and the advocacy you’re representing. Content should all be about the impact of your advocacy and how to take further actions. Lastly, your website will serve as your landing page. This can help, especially when you’re promoting your cause on other platforms, too. The followers of your social advocacy should have a platform to be redirected to. This is where they can get more information about joining your cause and more.

Use social media

According to research, around seven in ten Americans use social media. Thus, you can definitely increase your reach if you take advantage of social media. The first thing you have to do is sign up for social media accounts. Create a page exclusively for your advocacy for each account. That way, you can start promoting your cause. You can do it by connecting with your existing online friends. Another great thing you can do is organize events which is an effortless task to accomplish on social media. It’s automated, so you can send out announcements to everyone who likes your page. Finally, connect with groups who promote the same causes as yours. It’s always better to have allies beside you. And connecting through social media is one of the easiest ways to make those connections.

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Promote through clips

The use of social media can be effective, but you have to widen your range. Some people are not into reading. With that in mind, you have to reach out to them in a different fashion. That’s through visualization. Here’s an example you can definitely try. Get on streaming sites like YouTube or Vimeo and collaborate with a video animation company. Talk to them about your purpose so that they can make animated infographics about your advocacy. You can also learn how to create short content to showcase the social issue you’re focusing on. These types of content can attract people who watch YouTube Shorts or TikTok. Combine your skill in editing and your wit with storytelling. Produce clips that best explains why you’re advocating the issue you care about. You might get traction if you also start a trend for your campaign. These short clips are easily digestible, which is why they can be very effective.

Utilize graphic arts

Lastly, graphic design will be the pillar of all the methods mentioned above. Yes, you might need to write the most compelling content for your website and social media. But graphics can effectively tell a story about your advocacy too. You can start with simple profile picture frames on Facebook. If the design is eye-catching enough, you might be able to get your friends curious. That’s when they’ll research more about your causes. You can also hire graphic artists that understand your advocacy. In this way, they’ll be able to interpret your vision into graphic designs properly. Hire upcoming ones who most resonate with what you’re standing up for. Integrate these designs to your website and across all social media platforms. This should effectively help with the spread of social awareness about the issue you’re focusing on. Graphic arts can move people, just like how words can persuade people to join a movement.

These tips should not only introduce your causes and help you spread awareness. These should also expand your reach to other people who are fighting the same battle as yours. Let your voice be heard digitally.

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