Ship Lithium Batteries in Equipment A Safe and Simple Guide

Lithium batteries power many of our everyday devices, from laptops to medical equipment. But shipping these batteries requires following specific regulations to ensure safety. This guide simplifies the process for sending equipment containing lithium batteries.

Know the Regulations:  Lithium battery shipping regulations are updated frequently. Always check with your chosen carrier for the latest information.

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They can advise on limitations regarding battery power and quantity allowed per shipment.

Prepare Your Equipment: Before shipping, ensure the equipment containing the lithium batteries is in good working order. Check for any signs of damage that might affect the batteries, such as bulging or leaks. Additionally, make sure the batteries haven’t been recalled by the manufacturer.

Prevent Accidental Activation:  Secure the equipment’s on/off switch to prevent accidental activation during transport. This can be done by placing a cap over the switch or creating a small cutout in the packaging to avoid any contact.

Package Properly:  Use a strong, good-quality outer box and cushioning material to protect the equipment during transit. Regulations for lithium battery packaging are complex, and if unsure, consult a company specializing in dangerous goods shipment.

Labeling and Documentation:  Clearly label your package with a lithium battery handling label. If your shipment contains three or more electronic devices with lithium batteries, include an emergency contact number on the label as well.

For air shipments, additional documentation is required.  You’ll need to specify on the air waybill that the shipment contains “lithium ion batteries in compliance with Section Two of PI 967” (written in English).

Consider Professional Help:  Shipping lithium batteries can involve complexities. If you’re unsure about any aspect of the process, consider hiring a company specializing in dangerous goods transportation. They can ensure your shipment meets all safety regulations and arrives safely at its destination.

By following these steps and staying informed about current regulations, you can ship equipment containing lithium batteries safely and efficiently. Remember, a secure lithium battery storage container, both within the equipment and during shipping, is vital for safe transport.


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