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Septum Piercings: Do They Hurt, Do They Look Cool And All Your Doubts Answered

Once considered an unconventional form of piercing,  septum piercing is growing in popularity as more people are trying it for fun or fashion (or both). Many celebrities (like Lady Gaga, Jessica Biel and FKA Twigs) have experimented with the nose ring look. Apart from its increasing popularity with the stars, septum piercings are also in demand for us “common folk.” With more than 160,000 average monthly searches and 1,900,000 social media hashtags, it’s no wonder many people are considering getting a septum piercing for themselves.

Septum piercings are nothing new to the fashion scene, but it’s still one of the most unusual places to get a piercing. Yet as more people flaunt hoops through the middle of their noses, others want to score the same fashion statement.

You could be one of them. You may be new to the idea of a septum piercing or you might have tried to wear a fake septum piercing. Either way, you may be considering a septum piercing but you might be unsure of how it works or the commitment that comes with a new piercing.

So, if you’re unsure of the piercing or are eager to start buying septum piercing jewelry, here’s everything you need to know.

What is a Septum Piercing?

This piercing is located at your septum, aka a thin wall of cartilage that separates your left nostril from your right one. A septum piercing, however, doesn’t penetrate your cartilage. Instead, it goes through what piercers call “the sweet spot,” the softer space of tissue below the septum. 

It’s best to have an expert do your septum piercing; otherwise, you could end up with a wonky piercing. Most piercers do the job by popping some clamps to your septum, using a receiving tube or doing it freehand.

How Bad Do Piercings Hurt and How Long Do They Heal?

The pain of a piercing is the top deterrent for people. But since a piercing is a piercing, it will break your skin; therefore, it will hurt. Everyone has different pain tolerance levels but no matter how much pain you can handle, getting a septum piercing will hurt, if not sting. 

Most people who’ve had a piercing done describe the pain as a “quick and sharp sensation.” So, that’s good news. It’s painful but it doesn’t last long. Once the needle goes in and the jewelry is transferred, your muscles will relax and the sting will subside. 

As for the healing process, your piercing will get better after eight weeks but the actual healing process can take up to six months; four months if the tissue heals faster. But in most cases, it can take more than a year before the scar tissue fully heals. Your piercer may discourage changing jewelry until your septum has fully healed. 

How Much Do Septum Piercings Cost?

The cost of a septum piercing depends on where you’re having it done. In most cases, the piercing can cost anywhere from $50 to $100. 

Photo by Albert Dera on Unsplash

Do Septum Piercings Look Good On Everyone?

A septum piercing is a cool and unique addition to anyone’s style or appearance. This stylish accessory adds a touch of glitz or edge to any lookbook. You can go small and classic with your septum piercing jewelry or go big and bold or maybe a little rock and roll. Anyone can look good with a septum piercing since it’s a versatile fashion statement that can help you express your style. 

How Does Septum Piercing Aftercare Work?

The regimen is pretty simple: don’t touch it and let it be. Avoid playing around with your new piercing. If you really need to touch it, wash your hands first. The germs on your hands can cause an infection, which is something you wouldn’t want. 

You should also modify your skincare routine after a piercing. When moisturizing or cleaning the skin near the septum area, minimize using soap or moisturizer in proximity to the nasal septum. Also, avoid soaking hot tabs or baths since these can cause an infection.

What If My Septum Piercing Smells?

It’s pretty common to experience what piercers call “the septum funk.” This happens when you don’t just feel pain but you smell something from the piercing. On top of that, there’s blood and yellow pus. The smell is from the build-up of dead skin cells plus your body trying to heal.

When that happens, just keep cleaning your piercing and switch to glass or wood jewelry to limit the smell

A septum piercing is a fashion statement that can elevate your style and look. If you’re interested in getting one, go get pierced and enjoy your new look.

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