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Paradigm Shift: How the Pandemic Has Changed Lives

Since the pandemic began, the world has changed a lot. It was never the same from the way we know it. Even the way we live our lives has shifted from the norm. The scientific term to refer to what we all experience is “paradigm shift.”

A paradigm shift is a concept identified by Thomas Kuhn. It is a foundational change in scientific disciplines. For example, science used to believe that the earth was the center of the universe. This is also known as the Ptolemaic system.

But because of Kuhn’s paradigm shift, this has all changed. Now the whole world has embraced that the sun is the center of the universe. It is also known as the “Copernican system.” This shift has caused a significant change in the way we the whole world views the universe.

As we apply it in our daily lives, a paradigm shift means a significant change in people’s lives. When the usual way of thinking and living has been replaced, that’s a paradigm shift. When you don’t do the things you used to do, you have made a paradigm shift.

Some changes have been bad. Many people all over the world have lost friends and loved ones to Covid. Stock market dove to all-time lows. Many businesses went bankrupt and had to close down because of the lockdowns. A considerable number of people worldwide have lost their jobs.

There were also good effects of the pandemic. The lockdowns caused fewer cars running and less smoke emission. This made the earth take a breather. The quality of air became cleaner, bodies of water became clearer. The wildlife became calmer and more undisturbed. All these became possible when people were forced to stay home.

But the most significant shift that the pandemic has caused is the way we live. Here are some of them:

Working from Home

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This pandemic made it possible that office life will never be the same again. Many companies were forced to close their offices. Most have reported saving millions of dollars on utilities and operational spending. Companies are still running on “business as usual” despite this change. Some realized that their high-priced offices might just be unnecessary.

Even the communication industry needed to step up. This has become the “glory days” of apps such as Zoom and Skype. Also, Google Meets and the likes have sky-high downloads and subscribers.

This has brought people worlds apart closer to each other. Using phones and computers and people get to meet anytime, anywhere. Information has become very accessible to everyone.

In return, employees spend more time in their homes. Now they are present in all meals. Kids get to see them 24/7. They all spend more time together. Family time was never better. Working from home became good for the family.

Even so, traffic jams have somehow vanished in the busy streets of Los Angeles and Manhattan. Now that most offices have reopened, some are still operating on the skeletal force. Fewer people are still on the road. Families are still together most of the time, thanks to the pandemic.

Renewed Health Consciousness

There has never been a time when the world became concerned about personal health. Simple coughs and colds are suddenly menacing. The world looks for ways to improve immunity. There has been a rise in the sales of vitamins. More people nowadays take supplements. More companies are tapping on the wellness industry. They are now experiencing a boost in income. People want to be healthier.

Different forms of diet are now gaining a following. The ketogenic diet community is getting bigger. Others go for a low carb, no sugar diet. There is even a group who eats only one meal a day (OMAD). They do all these to be healthier and have more immunity from this dreaded virus.

All across America, healthcare systems have improved. With the help of technology, healthcare leaders use a systematic approach. When a patient’s data is analyzed, it includes a plan, such as to minimize infection and shorten hospital confinement.

Now, wherever you go in America, there are improved health services and facilities. Whether you go to enjoy the weather in Florida, gyms are now packed with health buffs. If you want to visit Nevada, you can try all the excellent services in integrated health.   At the end of the day, health and immunity will win this unseen war against viruses. Life has seemed to become shorter than ever. And so we need to eat right. Exercising, working out or even simple long walks can help.

Losing loved ones are real in this global health crisis. So we need to cherish each moment we spend with them. Longer life is now valued like never before. This pandemic did not only change the world, but it changed our world.

Emily Summers
Emily Summers

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