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Management from the Eyes of a Millennial

Whether it be your corporate culture, products, or customer service, Millennials care about how they are treated. They don’t want to feel like cash cows for an evil corporation. This melding of values means that there is never a better time than now to improve your brand.

Millennials are those born roughly between 1981 and 1996. This is a very wide range of people, but the consensus is that they grew up with technology and social media at their fingertips. They tend to value diversity and equality more than generations past, which impacts how they perceive brands.

So millennials — they’re young, free-spirited go-getters? Not really. While some may be all of these things, this new generation perceives themselves as savvy consumers who don’t want to be taken advantage of by big corporations. In short, if you’re going to improve your brand from a Millennial perspective, the following list will help you in doing just that:

Improve Your Corporate Culture

The first thing you can do to improve your brand is to improve how employees are treated. This means improving the workplace environment, providing better compensation, and offering a work-life balance.

For many Millennials, a one-day off policy for those who go above and beyond would be perfect. Furthermore, establishing an online community for better communication between managers and staff will help establish that connection that makes them happy and give you valuable feedback on where your business is working and where it needs improvement. If you offer these benefits, it’s sure to go a long way towards helping your company grow in all aspects!

Pay Attention To The Little Things

This may seem like obvious advice, but it’s usually the little things that turn people away. Few small businesses appreciate the impact of paying attention to the little things regarding branding and marketing-related matters. Remember when something goes right? You probably won’t forget it, but what about when something goes wrong? We all remember that too.

Customers are always more inclined to share the bad aspects of their experience instead of what went right. This is because they are compensated for more of the negative experiences with your brand than the positive ones.

What does this mean? It means that if you can improve on small things like being on time or being more efficient in your customer service, it will have a larger impact than anything else! People love to be appreciated, and word travels fast about brands who appreciate their customers by showing up on time and doing everything in their power to keep them happy.

Make Product Improvements

Another great way of growing your business is by improving your product. Millennials want to see the latest and greatest technology. Target your specific niche and release a model that will grab them by their smartphone-loving hearts!

Embrace new media and technology

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You have to embrace new tech while marketing and advertising your brand. It’s no surprise that Millennials are obsessed with technology. We’re the first generation to grow up with the internet, and this has given us a taste for instant gratification that will continue to affect how brands work in the future. It is unreasonable to assume that today’s youth will be more interested in your brand if you have poor social media accounts — they won’t engage with you.

Furthermore, paying attention to your online presence will help give helpful information about how people feel about your business! If you find out through social media or word of mouth that some negative things are being said, it would be important to respond quickly and efficiently before the problem worsens.

Here are some examples of how you can embrace new media and technology while marketing your brand.

  • Sending personalized videos to customers for birthdays, holidays, or any special event.
  • Using hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that relate to your brand.
  • Introduce Snapchat filters with coupon codes during social events like festivals, concerts, etc.
  • Taking advantage of chatbots by using them as a customer service tool will make the customers feel more comfortable asking questions.

You can even go big, like developing an app that helps customers track their orders or book appointments live within the app itself. Or improve your business’s online presence by engaging in SEO to level up your ranking in Google. There are several SEO companies you can approach for your website to become search-engine friendly.

Offer Better Customer Service

The last way you can improve from a Millennial perspective is through better customer service. If you have employees willing to go above and beyond for customers, they’ll certainly help your brand’s reputation. For example, a coffee shop in downtown Toronto decided to give away free coffees for any time it snows over 7 cm on the day of the snowfall.

This awesome idea will boost business while giving back to the community. In addition, another great way of showing this would be offering discounts or special privileges for students under 25. This will help give back to your younger customers and help improve the brand image.

Millennials want to be treated like people and make a difference for their hard work; this is why you should be careful that your business isn’t leaving them behind! So consider these ideas before that happens and improve your brand from a Millennial’s perspective!

Overall, Millennials want to see a company doing their best and improving as times go on, and these three methods will certainly help you do just that!

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