PSA: All Leggings Should Come With Pockets, Please

Pockets are, arguably, essential for any type of clothing. This has been a longstanding debate, especially when it comes to women’s clothes. In particular, women’s jeans are infamous for having too-small pockets that can barely fit a phone. Fortunately, many designers and fashion companies are sewing in bigger pockets not just in jeans, but other clothes. 

By this point, you’re probably aware of how amazing dresses with pockets are. They make you look great plus you can keep your phone in them while you’re out and about. And now, this practical trend has expanded to other clothing items — like your favorite leggings. 

Whether you’re going out for a run, heading to the gym or wearing loungewear to class, a pair of leggings with pockets is always a welcome part of your wardrobe. It offers many practical options plus it keeps you comfortable. Whether you prefer cotton leggings or the traditional black leggings, having pockets with your leggings is always a PLUS.

Why All Leggings Need Pockets

Leggings are tight-fitting pockets that perfectly conform to your body. While most leggings are tight-fitting, styling them well offers warmth and comfort, plus you can wear them with ANYTHING in your closet. You can use them as workout clothes, everyday outfits and gym clothes — which all the more gives more reasons for leggings — both normal-size and plus-size — to have pockets.

Spacious pockets stitched on leggings give you space to warm your hands or holds your possessions. They can handle your little possessions and keep you warm at the same time. You can also find super-slim activewear that comes with pockets; some of them even have secret zippered pockets! 

If you still need more convincing, consider the following reasons.

You Can Carry Your Phone Anywhere

When you need to go out for a quick run outside, bringing your phone is an inconvenience. You can leave your phone behind but it’s not always an option, especially if you’re waiting for a call or text. 

With active leggings with pockets, you can carry your phone wherever you want. Before you leave, all you have to do is slide your phone in and you can go anywhere. No need to worry about leaving your phone behind. 

You Can Bring Some Change With You

If you have to go somewhere far from home, which may require you to take the train or a bus, you’ll need to carry some change. Bringing a bag holds the things that you need but it can be excessive when all you need is some change. If you’re planning to run, a fanny pack might seem like a sensible option, but it can also be a burden to your run. 

Leggings with pockets allow you to ditch the bag and fit the change in your pockets. You don’t even have to bring a wallet. All you need is enough money you can shove into your pocket. With black leggings with pockets, convenience is right on your hips. 

You Can Listen to Music Anywhere

Some people prefer to walk or run with music in their ears. When listening to music, you can enjoy music through a wireless or a wired earphone. Most people prefer using wireless earphones to prevent wires from getting in the way. Either way, you have to connect your music to a phone or a smartwatch.

With a smartwatch, you can enjoy listening to music on your wrist. But if you don’t have a smartwatch, your phone is your music player. If you don’t have a pocket, you’ll have to hold your phone. 

Wearing leggings with pockets, you can store your phone and listen to music whenever and wherever you are. No need to worry about walking or running without sound. You can easily slide your phone into your pocket. 

The Best Leggings with Pockets

Salutation Stash Pocket

Athleta’s Salutation Stash Pocket leggings help you burn calories without causing a fitness chafe. These leggings with pockets are made from buttery-soft fabric that gently hugs your legs. The pockets are perfect for storing important items. They also have plus-sized leggings with pockets.

Athleta’s Salutation Stash Pocket leggings

Fast and Free II

Lululemon’s Fast and Free leggings are comfortable for a casual stroll but are also perfect for your next workout. The material of the leggings is a cool-feeling fabric that keeps you dry, no matter how much you sweat. It also comes with waistband pockets to keep your phone, change and more. 

Lululemons Fast and Free leggings

Zero Gravity High Waisted Leggings

Sweaty Betty’s leggings certifies you as the Best Dressed wherever you go. They’re not just cute leggings; they are also comfy and secure — thanks to their compression fabric. It can be pricey but it is worth the splurge!

Sweaty Bettys Zero Gravity High Waisted Leggings

Pants shouldn’t be the only items of clothing that come with pockets; leggings, too! Life would be so much better if leggings always had pockets.

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