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The Future of Wellness: The Latest Wellness Practices

The world is gifted with wellness breakthroughs and innovations by experts working tirelessly to bring better practices to those in need during the new normal. Recently, there have been new technologies, techniques, and routines such as the Gainswave shockwave therapy, touchless facials and spa, wellness apps, and more. The wellness industry is starting to look more innovative despite the new normal.

2020 is a time when people give their health and wellness importance more than ever. The stress of the pandemic and other crises can take their toll on the mind and body, so it’s essential to know the newest wellness practices you can incorporate in your life to cope.

Fortunately, the wellness industry is coming up with better practices and technologies for the pandemic-torn society. Here are some of them:

1. Superfoods consumption

Of course, in the face of a global health crisis, more people have become conscious of taking care of their immune systems. This started an increase in interest in immune health boosters like elderberries, citrus fruits, almonds, yogurt, and more. Besides these typical healthy foods came the superfoods trend.

Superfoods are nutrient-filled food containing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, with lesser calories. Some examples of these foods are nuts, seeds, green tea, berries, avocado, eggs, fish, mushrooms, wine, dark chocolate, and more.

Unfortunately, the term superfood has been debunked as a myth used to market to consumers and influence their dietary behaviors. But, even if it’s not entirely true, superfoods are still beneficial for your health.

 2. Digital fitness regimens

If you can remember, virtual classes were already a thing even before the start of the pandemic. But it increased in popularity as more people needed to work out and stay in shape, even if it’s at home. It’s not surprising knowing how many people are health conscious and find comfort in being in shape.

Since the 2nd quarter of 2020, there has been a significant increase in virtual fitness studios with calisthenics classes and even remote yoga retreats. Besides these online classes, there are also some wellness apps that you can download for free on your phone or pay a small subscription fee.

Of course, the experience in doing these virtual routines is different from the in-person classes. But you can’t complain, especially as this trend has its perks; it’s convenient, safe, and inexpensive.

3. Virtual socializing

With more than a year of not having big social gatherings, Zoom meetings, Messenger chat rooms, and other forms of virtual hangouts became available. With their newly added features, these apps allow people to socialize with their friends and family, even if it’s online, to avoid any risk of spreading the virus.

Nowadays, even if gatherings are starting to be allowed again, some people would still host their events online or a hybrid of virtual and in-person meetings. This technology enables people to stay in touch and connect, despite the government-mandated social distancing regulations.

4. Stress tracker

Stress is something most people would naturally feel now and then, but it’s become more prevalent since the onset of the pandemic. If you don’t address these problems, it could take its toll on you. But it’s sometimes difficult to tell whether you’re stressed or just tired.

Fortunately, stress trackers are now a trend that more people are getting into. They are devices you can wear that will notify you of your stress levels based on your body’s physiological conditions. These notifications let you better understand the factors that trigger your stress and how you can deal with them .

5. Financial wellness

There are other branches of wellness that aren’t focused on too much by people who practice it. Financial wellness is one of these lesser-known practices. But, as a consequence of the lockdowns, the economic crisis also worsened, making people’s financial situations also focus on recent conversations. These events have led to people looking for ways to earn and save more money in different ways, by doing side hustles, selling some possessions, and starting businesses.

Into The Future

The pandemic most probably causes the increasing interest in these trends. Since the pandemic is still far from being declared over, they will likely grow and attract more people. It may seem surreal how the world is going through these massive changes to deal with the health crisis, but if you look at the bright side, it could help you slow down in a fast-paced world, allowing you to focus on your wellbeing.

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