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Jet-Set Ready: 5 Essential Home Prep Tips Before Your International Adventure

  • Securing your home with a security system or house sitter prevents burglaries and addresses potential issues.
  • Managing utilities by adjusting thermostat settings and holding mail prevents high bills and theft signals.
  • Organizing finances includes notifying banks of travel plans and exchanging currency to avoid disruptions.
  • Preparing your vehicle involves arranging for car storage and performing maintenance to ensure safety and functionality.
  • Planning for pet care by hiring a sitter or boarding kennel ensures your pets are well-cared for during your absence.

Preparing for an international trip involves more than just packing your bags and booking flights. It also entails taking care of things back home to ensure peace of mind while you’re away. From securing your property to managing your utilities, there are several essential tasks to tackle before jetting off. This guide will outline five crucial home prep tips to remember before flying abroad, ensuring a smooth and worry-free travel experience.

1. Secure Your Home:

One of the top priorities before traveling abroad is securing your home to prevent burglaries and other mishaps. Here are a few steps to take:

Install a Security System:

Investing in a reliable security system can provide peace of mind while you’re away. Opt for a system that includes surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and remote access, allowing you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world.


Arrange for House Sitting:

If possible, enlist the help of a trusted friend, family member, or professional house sitter to look after your home while you’re gone. Having someone regularly check on your property can deter potential intruders and address any issues that may arise.

2. Manage Utilities:

Before embarking on your international adventure, it’s essential to manage your utilities to avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure everything runs smoothly in your absence.

Set Thermostat Settings:

Adjust your thermostat settings to conserve energy and avoid skyrocketing utility bills while you’re away. Consider setting the temperature slightly higher in the summer and lower in the winter to maintain a comfortable yet energy-efficient environment.

Arrange for Mail and Package Delivery:

Contact your local post office and delivery services to temporarily hold your mail and packages or arrange for them to be forwarded to your temporary address. An overflowing mailbox or porch can signal to potential intruders that no one is home, increasing the risk of theft.

3. Organize Finances:

Managing your finances before traveling abroad is crucial to avoid any disruptions or security concerns while you’re away.

Notify Your Bank and Credit Card Companies:

Inform your bank and credit card companies of your trip to prevent fund accessing issues or possible alerts for fraud. Provide them with your itinerary and contact information so they can reach you in case of any suspicious activity.

Exchange Currency:

If you’re traveling to a country with a different currency, exchange some money before your departure to have cash on hand for immediate expenses upon arrival. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the local currency and exchange rates to avoid being overcharged or scammed.

4. Prepare Your Vehicle:

If you’ll be leaving your vehicle behind while flying abroad, it’s essential to take proper precautions to ensure it remains safe and functional upon your return.

car storage facility

Arrange for Car Storage:

If possible, park your car in a secure location, such as a garage or car storage facility, to protect it from theft, vandalism, and harsh weather conditions. Alternatively, consider asking a trusted friend or family member to periodically drive your car to prevent issues like dead batteries or flat tires.

Perform Routine Maintenance:

Before leaving, perform routine maintenance tasks such as checking the oil, tire pressure, and fluid levels to keep your car in optimal condition during its idle period. Consider scheduling a professional inspection if your vehicle will be parked for an extended period.

5. Plan for Pet Care:

If you have furry friends at home, it’s essential to make arrangements for their care while you’re away to ensure they’re safe, happy and well-cared for in your absence.

Hire a Pet Sitter or Boarding Kennel:

Depending on your pet’s needs and preferences, hire a professional pet sitter to visit your home regularly or book a stay at a reputable boarding kennel. Ensure they have all necessary supplies, medications, and instructions to maintain your pet’s routine and well-being.

Provide Emergency Contacts:

Leave detailed instructions and emergency contact information for your pet sitter or boarding facility in case of any unexpected situations or medical emergencies. Additionally, inform your veterinarian of your travel plans and authorize them to make decisions regarding your pet’s health if necessary.

Preparing your home before flying abroad is essential for ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience. By following these five home prep tips, you can safeguard your property, manage your finances, and take care of your belongings, allowing you to relax and focus on making unforgettable memories during your international journey. Remember to plan ahead, stay organized, and enlist the help of trusted individuals to ensure everything runs smoothly while you’re away. Safe travels!

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