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Stylish Ways To Dress Up Your Family for Your Next Road Trips

If you’re a millennial parent, chances are you grew up taking road trips with your own family. Maybe you have fond memories of piling into the car for hours on end, singing songs, and playing games as you make your way to your final destination. Now that you’re a parent yourself, you may wonder how you can make the experience just as fun—if not more so—for your kids.

One of the main challenges of planning road trips with kids is packing for the whole family’s outfits. There’s the need to pack for their favorites, let alone appropriate but comfortable clothes for everyone to wear while sitting in the car for long periods.

Never fear, though. There are some stylish ways to dress up your family for your next road trip. Here are a few tips on how to style your family for vacations and road trips:

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Choose Comfort Over Style

While it’s essential to look put-together when traveling, it’s even more important to be comfortable. After all, you’ll spend a lot of time in the car and don’t want to tug at your clothes or shoes all day. Your little ones, especially those with sensory issues, will also be more comfortable in clothing that doesn’t irritate them.

So, when packing clothes for your road trip, prioritize comfort over style. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking good, though. Pack items made of soft, breathable fabrics in various colors and patterns. And don’t forget to pack layers—you never know when the weather might take a turn.

Opt for versatile pieces that you can dress up or down, like denim jeans or chambray shirts. Don’t forget to pack a few comfortable sweaters and cardigans to keep everyone warm during those cooler hours on the road.

Plan Outfits Ahead of Time

You want everyone to look good and stay comfy on your special days out. But you also want them to look stylish enough for other people’s eyes and the camera. The trick is to plan each person’s outfits ahead of time. Doing so will save you a lot of time and hassle when getting everyone dressed each day, ensuring that everyone has something they feel good about.

For each day of your trip, choose one base outfit—something they can wear on its own or layered with other pieces—and build out from there. It’s helpful to pack items that can serve multiple purposes. Think of shirts that little girls can wear as dresses for little girls or shorts that can double as swimsuit coverups.

You might also want to consider packing a few “junk” clothes—items you wouldn’t mind getting dirty or ruined. This way, if your kids play in the dirt or get wet, you won’t have to worry about their clothes getting ruined.

Accessorize Strategically

With kids in tow, you won’t have much time to fuss with your hair or makeup, so it’s best to keep your accessories simple. A pair of sunglasses will help shield your eyes from the sun, and a scarf can double as a blanket or nursing cover if needed. A trendy hat is also a great way to add style without having to do much to your hair, and it will protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

It also makes sense to bring some of these essentials for your kids. You want to ensure they have enough protection from the sun, and hats and sunglasses are essential for that. You might also want to pack a few hair ties or clips to keep their hair out of their face—this will be a lifesaver on long car rides.

If you’re going to be doing any hiking or outdoor activities, pack closed-toe shoes and socks so your family doesn’t get blisters. And finally, don’t forget the sunscreen! Apply it liberally to everyone in the family before heading out for the day.

Consider Matching Outfits

A cute and fun way to dress the whole family is by matching outfits. You can find many coordinating clothing options these days, so this doesn’t have to be difficult. Plus, it’s a great way to take family photos that you’ll cherish for years.

Another benefit of matching outfits is that it can help you keep track of your kids if you’re in a crowded place. If everyone is wearing the same thing, it will be much easier to spot them if they wander off.

You can easily find online shops that sell coordinating clothing for adults and kids or matching bathing suits for the whole family. If you want to go the matching route, choose a color scheme or pattern and build your outfits around that. You only need to find reputable online stores with great reviews to ensure you get your money’s worth. Find one that offers no-hassle returns so you can have the item replaced or refunded if it does not meet your expectations.

Bring a Change of Clothes

Roadtrips are fun — not until one needs to change their clothes in the car. You know how kids are, full of energy and always up to something. Well, you can imagine the number of clothes they will need to change into by the end of the day.

So it is always best to bring a change of clothes for everyone in an easy-to-access bag, just in case. This way, you won’t have to make any pit stops along the way to change and clean up. You can also pack a small bag with basic toiletries like wipes, hand sanitizer, and tissues if anyone needs to freshen up.

With these tips in mind, packing for your next vacation or road trip will be a breeze! Just remember to choose comfort over style, accessorize strategically, consider mixing and matching clothes, and plan your outfits ahead of time. You and your family will look great no matter where the journey takes you.

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