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New Experiences Are Great, But There’s A Limit To How Much You Can Reach

Nothing beats having a little fun now and then because it’s always that bit of thrill we introduce into our lives that gets the blood pumping, the heart racing, and the brain working nonstop, thinking about what’s going to happen next. And while some would argue that there’s more than enough action and drama stacked onto their regular schedules, we’d argue that there are plenty more exhilarating options outside the standard to-do list if you know where to look and are willing to experiment.

However, we’re not here to defend and promote the act of novelty-seeking but rather show the unspoken downsides that not too many people are aware of, which almost always causes aspiring talent and your average Joe to crash and burn. Of course, we won’t deny that every step we take in life is a learning process, but we also believe that there are some lessons we pay too dearly for when they could’ve been easily avoided or afforded at a much better closing price.

Too Much Of A Good Thing Always Leads To Disasters

Everybody’s got their choice of comfort, and whether that’s snacking on a bar of chocolate or sneaking an episode before going to sleep, one thing’s for sure is that doing too much of these and overindulging will always lead to disasters. Likewise, constantly novelty-seeking and chasing after the next best thing to tug at your adrenaline receptors play by the same rules, and sooner or later, you’ll find yourself at a loss because nothing’s going to get you the same rush.

  • You’re Always One-Upping Your Next Idea: Evidently, the worst thing about constantly novelty-seeking your way through life is the fact that you’re needlessly one-upping your previous plans and ideas. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with breaking past your limits and exceeding expectations, implementing the same principle onto entertainment and having fun doesn’t carry the same weight in productivity. So, please back down from trying to match Chris Hemsworth’s biceps if you’re still new to working out or anything that fits the same category.
  • Puts A Strain On Other Parts Of Your Life: Apart from chasing after the insatiable features of novelty-seeking, it also happens to put a strain on other parts of your life, especially the ones that you should be more concerned about. For example, when dealing with career growth opportunities or crunching for your next business venture, your brain will be too busy scurrying off to less important matters. And while some are capable of juggling and multi-tasking at first, it never ends well, and the story plays out the same.
  • The Risks Become Unreasonable And Unnecessary: Lastly, novelty-seeking is closely associated with constant risk-taking tendencies, and while we’re more than willing to take the odds if it’s just for fun, the risks will soon outweigh any potential benefit on the table. Soon enough, you might even fall down a slippery slope that costs you your savings or forces your hand to spend on lousy purchases that will do no good for you in the future. So, to save yourself the headache, it never hurts to double-check and stay accountable.

But, You Shouldn’t Actively Avoid New Experiences As Well

On the opposite end of the spectrum, avoiding every possible new experience right in front of you is just as bad because there’s more to life than living monotonous like a robot strapped to a work schedule. You see, while unnecessary risks are akin to gambling, needless risk-avoidance prevents any room for growth and leaves you stuck, meaning that it’s a lose-lose situation if you go off the outliers.

  • Nothing’s Wrong With A Change Of Pace: Firstly, it’s only natural for the body, mind, and soul to crave a change of pace or new surroundings to immerse themselves in and enjoy. Everybody gets a kick out of spontaneity and exciting plans, and while the definition of fun is different, we’re all just trying to put a smile on our faces. Therefore, going on that solo backpacking trip isn’t as bad of an idea you make it out to be.
  • That Anxiety Seeps Into Other More Important Matters: In addition to needing new experiences, the anxiety you build from risk-avoidance and fearing every little thing that poses a threat seeps into other parts of your life. And unlike novelty-seeking that eats up your time, actively avoiding new experiences will drain you of motivation and make you feel hollow. As a result, you shouldn’t beat yourself up over the need to try something different because breaking out of your shell is essential to life.

Excitement Is Good, But Your Future Isn’t An Amusement Park

Overall, we want to emphasize that life is about finding that balance through compromise, so even though having a bit of excitement in your veins is good, treating your future like an amusement park is not. So, the next time you go out planning for the sake of fun, you might want to take a rain check on other responsibilities first, like talking with the kids, finishing up some chores, or taking that long-awaited trip to the dentist.

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