Choosing Which Belgian Waffle Maker Is the Best

Even if Belgian-style waffles are over 100 years old, over 75% of Americans enjoy the crispiness and deliciousness that waffles bring. It’s also among the most famous and most chosen breakfasts in the United States. In short, almost everyone still loves the smell of freshly cooked waffles in the morning topped with melted butter, maple syrup, or whipped cream to brighten the day.

You might want to make waffles for your breakfast, whether using plant-based baking mixes or not. If so, you should invest in a waffle maker that meets all your needs for your morning meal.

Waffle Size

Even though most people say size doesn’t matter, it does when speaking about Belgian waffle makers. First of all, make sure you know where to store your machine when not in use to avoid accidents and maintain a clean surrounding. However, if all your storage cabinets are complete, you are left without a choice but to leave them on the kitchen countertop. You don’t want a bulky machine for that one.

Second, people mostly assume that the more significant waffle makers also bake more giant waffles. However, this isn’t mainly the case. There are waffle makers that bake more miniature Belgian waffles in one go rather than cooking them one by one with smaller appliances. To proceed to the next question, how many do you need in one sitting?

How Many Waffles Do You Want to Make?

If you have several family members, then it’s practical to purchase a waffle maker that can bake many waffles in one go. Typically, more prominent waffle makers have built-in grids to allow them to bake up to four waffles in a single cook. If you want to cook faster and more comfortably, it’s recommended that you use a Belgian waffle maker with the flip feature. Although some may come small, it can still cook many waffles at once, with others having two plates.

The Optimum Shape

Standard Belgian waffle makers usually only make sizes of square or round waffles. However, if you want a more creative look, appliances still allow you to prepare waffles in various shapes and sizes, albeit rare. Unless you have children who love unique waffle shapes, it’s best to maintain the standard Belgian waffle maker.

A Waffle’s Crunchwaffle

The deepness of the grid usually determines how thick your waffles are. The deeper the plate, the thicker and fluffier your waffles are. If you’re into experimenting with your waffles by adding other ingredients to the batter, such as fruits, nuts, or cream cheese, then waffle makers with deeper grids are perfect for you. Those with shallow gridirons make crispier and thinner waffles.

The Lesser the Fuss, the More You Can Make

When searching for the perfect Belgian waffle maker, you must always check the grill surface. Ideal waffle makers are those with nonstick coatings on the surface. Not only does it make cleaning easier and hassle-free, but it also allows you quickly remove the waffles from the grill without destroying their form. It also makes the machine last longer since scrubbing won’t be necessary for extra cleaning, keeping your waffle iron from scratches.

Cooked to Finesse

It can be difficult for you to know whether your waffle is already cooked or not if the machine does not have any form of indicator, may it be auditory or visual. You should opt for those with indicator lights or audible beeps if you get busy and can’t keep an eye on the waffle maker.

It may seem like the most apparent technological necessity of waffle makers made in this decade. Several observations have found that only better and newer models can indicate whether a waffle is ready, no matter how flavored or thick you prepared your batter.

Additionally, it’s also vital for a model to have an internal thermostat to control the cooking temperature completely. The best waffle makers have adjustable knobs for temperature control, so you can freely decide the heat for your waffle maker.

Try Not to Cook Your Fingers

Due to the number of testing procedures, make sure the heated areas of your machine have proper insulation to prevent any accidental burns when in use. Models mentioned above guaranteed that there were no areas on their waffle makers that absorb excessive heat. Thus, the term: cool-touch.

This is also a critical consideration if you have children or younger ones running around the house. Curious ones might take the opportunity to stick their little fingers and touch dangerous areas when you’re not around to watch them.

It is ensured that having either a single or multi-function appliance is indeed a luxury not everyone can afford. However, you won’t have to sell your organs to purchase a fantastic product. Waffle makers are not only perfect for your kitchen when it comes to baking delicious waffles for breakfast, lunch, or any occasion.

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