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Boost Your eCommerce Business with Good Photos

Both retouching and editing are a massive part of the photography process. Maybe you’re restoring old pictures, creating shadows, cropping the image itself, or retouching a few blemishes. Tweaking or manipulating your work is an important aspect, even if you’re a professional or an amateur. You’ll also have to produce consistent images that meet eCommerce standards. But things have changed in terms of the tools available.

Here are 6 of the best eCommerce photo-retouching apps you can use.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop is the biggest name in the market. You can also download its online version – Photoshop Express – on your mobile devices. Most editors have claimed that it’s easy to use and accessible for those who need a simple editing tool.

Others describe Photoshop Express as a well-designed app with no distracting advertisements. Others also praised it for its excellent color correction features. But this online version has its limitations, unlike the paid version of Adobe Photoshop. You’ll only have limited options for image retouching.

That means it’s not a good option for people planning to use it regularly as part of their professional photography business. It can only support images up to 16 megapixels.

Adobe Photoshop (Paid Version)

Unlike the online version, many described Adobe Photoshop’s paid version as the best in the market. It offers most of the tools needed to get the best outcome, but this has a price tag. You can choose between a monthly premium or a one-off payment. Adobe Photoshop also offers discounts for students.  If you want to invest in a photography app for your business, you can’t go wrong with this industry-grade tool.

Adobe Photoshop is helpful whether you’re retouching your product photography or retouching fashion shoots. Every tool you need is at the palm of your hands. But the only problem is that it can be overwhelming to familiarize yourself with this tool. Due to its complexity, other professionals say they don’t understand its full potential.

You can refer to books about this tool if you have questions or need a quick guide.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is the best choice if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative that still offers similar features to Photoshop. Lightroom is available for professionals who deal with images in bulk. That allows them to edit shots more efficiently. Because it has a clean-looking interface, users praised the app for its simplicity and quick upload speed.

Users also praised Adobe Lightroom for its feature to backup images to its server. It also features artificial intelligence, allowing you to search your database for certain features. For example, you can type in “cats,” and all the images on your database that feature cats will appear.


Pixlr offers a free or paid version, and its features differ but are helpful to those who want an easy way of editing their images. For example, the app’s brush and red-eye correction tools. Both options offer an easy way of getting fresh and fun looks for your pictures. Users have also praised the app because it’s a more accessible version of Adobe Photoshop. You’ll not need a lot of technical skills to achieve results.

Its free version has distracting apps, despite offering excellent tools. You’ll also have to download Flash on a desktop computer or laptop. If you think you can deal with these problems, Pixlr is a great tool you can explore for more.


Inkscape is another free tool that you can download on your computer. It allows you to tweak and manipulate your images without having to pay for anything. It also allows you to add text, meaning it’s a creative, helpful option for your eCommerce needs. Inkscape is a user-friendly tool that doesn’t require much expertise or time to understand.

Users have praised the tool for its dedicated team that regularly updates the app to fix problems. Others have also said that the Inkscape is slow in terms of processing. Despite those setbacks, users are generally satisfied with the tool’s technology and features.


Users praised GIMP for its tools and features. It’s a sophisticated but free tool for people who want something similar to Photoshop without paying anything. It also features customizable tools, allowing you to tailor its program to work to fit your needs. But others say the interface is too crowded to be considered easy to use.

Because it’s free, you might want to experiment with this exciting tool.

Timely content and eye-catching images are the keys to successful eCommerce material. While you can find many apps that can help with both, determine which will fit your business.

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