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New Look, Same Place: How to Add More Life to Your Home

Since most people have been working from home, it isn’t surprising that they suddenly find their homes needing an updated look. Spending all that time in their houses, they’re bound to find something they’d want to change. From full-on home renovations to simple DIY projects, there’s bound to be something that adds more life to your home.

Identifying which spaces in your home could use a new look will be necessary before starting a project. It helps you strategize the time and effort you’ll put into each room, as well as how much you would want to spend financially. You’ll also have enough time to decide on the look of each space you’ll renovate.

If you run out of ideas on what you want your rooms to look like, you could easily find inspiration design ideas from home improvement blogs or social media. If that’s still not enough to draw inspiration from, here are some ideas that could add that special something that’s missing in your rooms.

Change Your Knobs and Hardware.

Simple, easy, and subtle. You wouldn’t think changing the hardware on your doors and windows would make a difference, but that’s not always the case. Adding new life to rooms doesn’t always have to be grand, and sometimes, as the saying goes, “Less is more.”

Switching out your current hardware with more vintage-looking pieces could easily elevate how your space feels. It could make your doors and windows feel more luxurious than they should. You could also opt for more modern-looking hardware that could make your doors and windows look sharper and sleek, creating a clean and current look. 

Whichever route you take in choosing your hardware, they influence your space more than just in aesthetics. These also add to the experience of your room. Doors and windows are elements of our house that we constantly interact with, making hardware changes all the more transformative. With that said, sure, hardware changes are small in size, but they deliver big on impact.

Decorate Your Walls.

Decorating your walls isn’t just about hanging art or putting on a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to do with their walls besides those previously mentioned. You’ll be surprised at the many things you could do to your walls that bring life to your room.

One of the most impactful things you could add to your wall is molding. Adding molding to your walls gives it the ability to play with shadows, which gives your walls lots of texture and depth. You’d be surprised by how much moldings can change the look of your room. From looking like a plain boring box to a luxurious french hotel room, moldings have that effect while being inexpensive and easy to apply. 

Adding storage and shelving to your walls is another way of giving it more character. Different materials and textures of cabinet doors and shelves add more depth and layer to walls, even more so when contrasting a plain surface. You could easily dictate the theme and mood of a room just by your choices of storage and shelving.

Rather than repainting walls, consider accent walls. Giving a room a focal point like an accent wall adds specific characteristics that make your spaces more inviting. Depending on its materials, accent walls could soften or add warmth to a room that you couldn’t achieve with plain old paint.

Redesign Your Ceiling.

We tend not to think of our ceilings when redesigning our homes and tend to leave them plain and blank. Not considering ceilings when redesigning a space is a huge opportunity missed. Ceiling design has the potential to reinforce a style and add emotion to a room.

The simplest way to redesign your ceiling is by painting it a different color. Ceilings are a welcome avenue where contrasting elements of a room can thrive. Painting ceilings a color that contrasts your room helps create balance. Making everything in your room match could make it feel too bland and monotonous. Adding a splash of color to an otherwise muted room could make all the difference between plain and beautiful. 

Add texture to your ceilings by applying different materials and highlight structural elements. For example, if you want a rustic look, you could add texture with Barnwood beams. Utilizing these textures helps eliminate the otherwise plain and uninspired nature of structural elements. It all depends on the look you want to achieve and once you’ve identified it, find materials that would fit the bill and get to work. 

There are many more elements of a room that you could change, but always keep in mind that there is no single perfect design. So don’t get stuck in a loop looking for inspiration. Remember, the best room is the room that looks, feels, and works best for you and your needs.


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