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Fitness 101: Achieving Complete Well-being

We used to sweep mental issues under the rug. People considered those who suffer from depression as weaklings. But we changed our perception about this when the government pointed out that suicide is one of the leading causes of death.

People finally recognized the seriousness of the issue when we heard the grim end of our idols. Their deaths brought worldwide attention to mental diseases. It also made us more sympathetic to those who undergo emotional anguish. We also learned the importance of taking care of our emotional well-being.

We must also make an effort to keep ourselves healthy. It is even more challenging nowadays. To make things easier, let us break down the ways to maintain us emotionally fit.


Let us talk about the most underrated body functions. Others even consider this as overrated. But sleep is as important as a balanced diet and physical activity. Our bodies recharge while we rest. It also supports growth and development in kids.

The government conducted several studies that link obesity to sleep deprivation. It can also cause other health issues. One of which is stroke. Lack of a decent night’s sleep can also cause cardiovascular diseases. It can also increase the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.

Scientists pointed out that the lack of sleep alters some brain activities. Some of them developed the concept that sleep can improve learning capabilities. They say that not having enough sleep can cause concentration problems.

Of course, we want to sleep. But sometimes, it is hard to come by. Here are a few steps to get a good night’s sleep:

  • Avoid looking at your gadgets when you are already in bed. It includes your laptop. The blue light emanating from the device makes our body think that it is still morning.
  • Do not drink caffeinated beverages after 3 pm. It takes our body at least 6-8 hours to break down anything. If you drink coffee at 5 pm, your mind will remain active by 11 pm.
  • Why not try melatonin? This over-the-counter supplement is a safe way to induce sleep. The government has not seen any effects on drinking melatonin.


Even with the local travel restrictions lifted, most of us are a bit hesitant to venture outside. This precaution is hardly surprising, especially with the rise of the new variants. But these precautions that we put ourselves in make outdoor activities impossible. These safety measures make yoga perfect for the new normal.

We do not need a lot of equipment to do yoga. What is great about this exercise regimen is that you can insert it any time of the day. When your stress levels are exceptionally high because of work, you can take a yoga break instead of grabbing a calorie-laden snack. You can even do it before going to bed.

Most naysayers are hesitant to try yoga because of the acrobatic-like stunts involved. But you do not immediately jump into those poses. You can start with the easier ones. They will still work wonders on your mental health as you focus on breathing before shifting to a new position. Here are some of them:

  • Mountain Pose – It is the basis for most yoga positions. Mountain pose is technically just standing and being aware of your breathing. The more you practice this, the more in tune you are with your feelings.
  • Tree Pose – Once you have managed to calm down, you can move on to this. Again, focus on breathing as you work on this pose. It will help your balance and strengthen your thighs and spine. But you must not attempt this position if you have low blood pressure.
  • Triangle Pose – After the tree pose, you can proceed with this. It will increase your mobility as well as build your endurance. If you suffer from low blood pressure or have neck problems, you must look downward.


Even if you are fully vaccinated, the rise of the Delta variant cases might still force you to isolate. It does not mean that you will emotionally distance yourself from your loved ones. On the contrary, you should make an effort to be closer to them.

For your immediate household, you can set rules that limit the use of devices during the evenings. Instead, you can use this time to play board games. You can introduce monopoly or scrabble to your little ones. These games are fun and mentally stimulating substitutes.

Your little ones could also help you in the kitchen. Nigella Lawson encourages parents to get their children to assist in making meals. It is not only a fun way to bond. But it will teach your kids fundamental life lessons.

We must take care of ourselves. It is not limited to our physical well-being. But it also includes our mental health. The steps enumerated will not only keep cabin fever at bay. But it can fight our anxieties too.

Other than taking care of ourselves, we must reach out to others too. They might be suffering alone. It is important that they understand that we are there for them too.

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